“I Voted” to be mandatory in the future?

This week Obama announced that he would like to see that it is mandatory for U.S. citizens to vote – even for a “short term”. This came up at an event after finding ways to help with funding in politics as well as showing what the country was founded on.

No matter what your political affiliation is or your age this is something to think about. We are able to help and give a vote on who we want to elect for the future to help run our country and yet a majority of the country does not take advantage of this. There is a reason for this though.

If we have citizens who are uneducated voting, this could make the system worse. Before it is mandatory, it is essential that the citizens who would be forced to vote know what they are voting on.

(Photo Credit: Flickr)

(Photo Credit: Flickr)

In a perfect world everyone would vote and have a say in what they want, however, in a perfect world everyone would be educated. Without having the education that is necessary to make those decisions on even simple voting it affects more than just that one individual, it affects everyone.

It is important to vote but it also essential that when voting, the individual is educated. Without education and voting it will have the opposite position than it might intend to have.

Voting is a right and it looses being a right when it’s mandatory.

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