Billion Dollar [Drought] Baby

Folsom Lake 2011/2014 Courtesy

Gov. Jerry Brown has unleashed a $1 billion spending plan for California’s drought. If the price tag isn’t enough to make you cringe, the fact that 11 trillion, yes, trillion gallons of water are needed to bring California out of “state of emergency” status will.

Most concerning of all, is the amount of Californians who aren’t concerned about the drought. A recent statewide survey found that only 26 percent of respondents said “water” and “drought” were among main their concerns, according to KQED Science.

The California State Water Resources Control Board says the package will accelerate $128 million of Brown’s budget to help workers and affected communities.

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Proposition 1 funding will funnel almost $1 billion into safe drinking water, water recycling infrastructure and flood protection. In part with these changes, the governor will crack down on inefficient water use.

Dry, hot weather conditions continue to deplete natural resources. One of these resources is the Sierra Nevada snowpack, California’s largest water source, which is now at record lows. According to, March’s snowpack measurement came in just five percent of the March 3 historical average for the measurement site.


California is running out of water, and quickly. Brown has created a Drought Task Force in order to speed up the legislation process and get the plan effective immediately.

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