WikiLeaks still under investigation by FBI

Julian AssangeFive years after Wikileaks released government documents on their open-information website, founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange is still under investigation by the FBI.

Judge Barbara Rothstein stated that the Department of Justice and the FBI are still pursuing a an “ongoing criminal investigation of Wikileaks.” She was provided with documents from the Department of Justice and the FBI, even though request by the US Electronic Privacy Information Centre (Epic) was rejected.

She stated that the Department of Justice and the FBI have provided enough information regarding the status of the investigation and enough information to prove that it is a long-term duration that will continue.

Judge Rothstein also stated that the investigation of WikiLeaks is “separate and distinct” from the investigation of the case against Chelsea Manning , which was a conviction under the Espionage Act and sentencing of 35 years in prison.

Lastly, she accepted the claim from the FBI and Department of Justice that any revealing of details can “expose the scope and methods of the investigation, and tip-off subject and other persons of the investigation,” according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Since the US diplomatic cable leak in February 2010, the investigation of WikiLeaks has gone through Assange and his colleagues, including volunteers. In March 2012, a search warrant was issue against three of WikiLeaks journalists to gain access to all of their Google information. They were informed that their “Gmail accounts, metadata, subscriber information and other content” were provided to the US federal law enforcement.

Other information has be asked of such as tweet from Twitter but not all information was given to the government.

For the original story and background information,  click here.



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