School, students and social media

I love the idea of having a break from social media and texting. It is such a rare thing because it is all around us. Especially for journalism students, all of it is necessary in order to get information and stories out.

USC professor Geoffrey Cowan bans students to use laptops, cellphones and other wireless devices in his freshman introductory class “The Changing World of Communication and Journalism.”

This is quite a unique way of having a class for a major that requires those devices in our society today.

(Courtesy of: LA Times)

(Courtesy of: LA Times)

According to the annual American Freshman Survey, “About 27% of college freshmen said they had spent at least six hours a week on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter during the previous year, up from about 19% in 2007 when the question was first asked.”

This research that was found shows how generations within less than a decade have changed. Our society changed immensely when social media came out so those generations grew up with it and with parents who gave them more freedom than the older peers.

Each individual learns differently. Whether it is through a lecture, one-on-one or through online learning, there has to be those options for individuals. It was stated that students did flourish when it came to course content being available online and also through online group chats.

This would give students the time and thought process to understand what is being said and then coming up with a response.

A class such as this might be like a trip to the beach as a time for solitude for some, but for others it may be like a trip to the beach with seven kids against one adult. Struggling to make it through the trip.


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