Netanyahu crosses the Israeli border

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes the greatest danger of our world today is allowing Iran to have nuclear power at their disposal, according to his congressional speech given on March 3.


Courtesy Associate Press / Andrew Hamik. On American soil, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu identifies the problems with the Iran’s potential nuclear power.

House Speaker John Boehner is known to have extended the invitation for Netanyahu’s presence on Capitol Hill last Tuesday without first consulting the White House. Boehner’s actions and Netanyahu’s speech are being negatively received, particularly by the Democratic Party.

President Barack Obama seemed less than impressed with what Netanyahu is suggesting and was reported saying how Netanyahu brought “nothing new” to this ongoing discussion.

The White House recently announced that Obama would veto any senate bill allowing congress to have any opinions regarding the deal between America and other negotiating countries on Iran and its nuclear potential, according to Reuters.

A disconnect exists between what Netanyahu argues in his speech and what Israeli citizens are actually worried about. A poll recently conducted by Israel’s Chanel 10 found that 27 percent of Israeli citizens were alarmed about their national security, as 56 percent were most concerned about the high cost of living, according to Slate Magazine.

Netanyahu regrets if his actions on Capitol Hill caused any political issues.  However, aren’t all speeches to congress serving some political agenda?

With re-election for prime minister coming in the next two weeks, Netanyahu’s actions at Congress seems to be far more rooted in his desire for a fourth election than anything else. Instead of coming to America and being criticized, Netanyahu should redirect his focus from America’s efforts to the issues most important to Israeli citizens– the economy.

Click here to watch Netanyahu’s full speech.


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