Hillary Dodging Bullets

It’s 2016, right? No, no it is not. But it sure does seem like it with a majority of the attention focusing on candidates that haven’t even declared their candidacy. Enter the latest installment, featuring our favorite Clinton.

Courtesy: Reuters

Courtesy: Reuters

This week, Clinton is taking punches from all over the political and media spectrums for some not-so-great behavior. Clinton admitted to using her personal email account and server to exchange official information when she was Secretary of State. To the naysayers, Clinton maintains that her actions were entirely harmless and kept all national security measures, including classified documents, completely secure.

Members of the government have spoken this week, keeping to a somewhat unified storyline: Nobody should have the power to circumvent the system that is place, not even Hillary Clinton.

Only time will tell if this becomes a major setback for the presidential hopeful. In the meantime, potential opponents, including Jeb Bush, have been sure to “re-highlight” their excessive national security precautions.

Clinton posted this to her Twitter account Wednesday:

Coutesy: Twitter (@HillaryClinton)

Coutesy: Twitter (@HillaryClinton)


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