CIA gets with the program.

We never hear about the CIA but when we do its about terrorism and people releasing important classified documents that the government wanted to keep hidden. Well, Mr. John O. Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had a news conference to state that there will be some changes within the agency.

How the CIA works is, undercover spies and intelligence analysts are kept separate, by that I mean they work separately to target different issues or threats. What the director of the agency wants to do is reassign the departments to different countries for different crisis because as we know, we live in a technological advanced ear where it is so easy to hack into computer systems, invade privacy, get bank information and so forth. You get the idea and with this new move, the CIA will be able to identify and capture the potential enemy.

CIA Logo.

CIA Logo.

Brennan believes with new strategies and tactics, it will be easier for the agency to prevent further harm to American citizens as well as prevent future and potential terrorism attacks. More departments have been added to the agency’s structure. This should help prevent any further hacking or at least keep many Americans safe from potential cyber attacks.


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