Students fight for equality at university

This past Wednesday, students at the University of Washington came together to raise their voice for both the Black Lives Movement and diversity issues on their campus.

Hundreds of faculty, students, administration and even community members joined at their

campuses Mary Gates Hall as the organizers stated their list of demands for the university.

The walkout was organized by Outside Agitators 206 and a variety of campus organizations at all three University of Washington campuses in Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma.

The groups top demand is to have equitable access to higher education, not just equal opportunity access to education. According to the Seattle Globalist, the students also called for the repeal of Initiative 200, which prohibited the University of Washington and other government entities to use preferential treatment according to race for school admissions or hiring.

Similarly to APU students, these group of students are struggling at a university where their education is not being maximized. If programming and academia shifted to accommodate the needs for all students, many enrolled in these institutions would feel more at peace with their education.

Many students at the University of Washington stated that they felt the need to participate in the walkout because they felt “it was their duty to support others who face struggles within higher education.”

Higher education is a place where dialogues are meant to be created in and out of the class. If we become selective of what dialogues we choose to participate in, the we hinder the learning process and limit the experiences of all students.


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