Los Angeles Teachers Stand United After Delayed Negotiations.

According to NBC Los Angeles, teachers of the second biggest school district in the nation, are asking for an 8.5 percent pay raise, as well as smaller class sizes.

Photo credit: Laschoolboard.org

Photo credit: Laschoolboard.org

The teachers stand united and according to NBC’s source, Alex Caputo-Pearl, President of the United teachers of Los Angeles, they are fully prepared to strike if they feel it necessary. A protest is being held this thursday and thousands of teachers are estimated to be in attendance.

Opposing sides argue that the districts financial situation has been negative for many years, and that the increase in teachers salary will only further damage their finances.

Plans have been made to settle this arrangement, in March, both sides will work with a mediator and see if they can come to an agreement. If no such agreement can be reached, a panel will intervene.

Moving forward, and empathizing with well deserving teachers that have not had a raise in many years, we ask how these numbers will effect and even possibly further damage the already suffering district finances.


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