Leonard Nimoy a.k.a Spock dies at age 83

Leonard Nimoy as Spock

Leonard Nimoy as Spock (1967) Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons


Fans of the famous Star Trek series will be missing the beloved star, Leonard Nimoy.

His death took place Friday in his Bel Air home, according to his wife Susan Bay Nimoy.

In the past six decades, Nimoy played multiple roles in different shows, according to USA Today. Despite what show he may have had a role for, one role stuck with him throughout his lifetime. The role of the half-human, half- Vulcan Spock from the Star Trek series made its way into his life and never left.

At first he was not so convinced to take the role. Nimoy admitted to taking his work seriously and questioned whether or not he should put on the pointy ears, but after some time he took the role.

With this role came being apart of the original TV series, animated series, comic books, and taking part of the eight Star Trek films. Also there were three nominations for Emmy Awards during the three-year run on TV series, according to USA Today. After the original series had ended, more fame made its way into the life of the Star Trek cast members.

But things came to end, at least it seemed. After he show ended, very few of the cast members could find other roles, Nimoy was apart of the few. But he was convinced to return for the 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, where he character came to a glorious end, but did he?

Later down the line, Spock was somehow resurrected in another Star Trek film and more films began to be made, but for Nimoy to return to the role, he said had to direct, leading to two more films.

His experiences with this role lead to write an autobiography entitled “I Am Not Spock,” which he later commented as a “mistake,” according to USA Today, and release another called “I Am Spock.”

As his life winded now, he was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, but to his old habit of smoking. He announced this over his twitter and encouraged his fans to quit smoking.

Despite the disease, Nimoy found joy in his retirement. He enjoyed his hobby of photography with his wife of 26 years.


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