The new, ‘New Music Friday’

For decades artists in the U.S. have been dropping new albums on Tuesdays, however beginning this summer albums all over the world will be released on Fridays.

According to Buzzfeed, the decision to change week days is due to a result from various countries having different released days without the week. While the U.S. released albums on Tuesdays, countries like Australia and Germany released on Fridays, and the U.K. dropped music on Mondays.

Due to the increase of online buying and streaming of music, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, or IFPI, has agreed to change the Global Record Release Day to Friday.

The organization hopes that the change will result in a decrease in illegal downloading since the once eager consumer will no longer have to wait for the album to reach their country.

CEO Frances Moore did an interview with Billboard going into more depth about the new change. Read the interview here:

Photo by RIch Edmonds


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