Obama’s Nonchalant Veto Sparks National Controversy

The LA Times referred to the Obama’s veto on Tuesday, February 24 of the Keystone pipeline as “unceremonious.”

Source: CNN Money.

For something that had so much support from both the Democrats and Republicans seems that the veto should call for more explanation, pomp, and circumstance – especially considering that this is only the president’s third veto during his time in office.

The controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which would “move oil from the tar sands deposits under Canada’s prairies more than 1,000 miles south to refineries along the Gulf Coast.” The bill was supported by both Democrats and Republicans for different reasons, but was ultimately rejected by the president. Additionally, the article revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency gave the State Department a report that revealed the project would “add as much carbon dioxide to the air each year as 6 million passenger vehicles.”

In response to the veto, Congress said it would turn the bill around. However, what is most newsworthy is that this was only Obama’s third veto during his time in office, and it was done with little communication to the public.

In response to the veto, House Speaker John Boehner called the move a “national embarrassment.”

The real question is: What is more important? The environment or the economy? In this case, Congress chose economy and POTUS chose environment.


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