The Boston Snow Globe

It’s been a long, cold winter here in Southern California. The endlessly sunny days and mid-70’s temps can be so brutal. Just kidding. SoCal only has two seasons: Summer and summer with some rainy days.

On the other side of country, our fellow Americans are not so lucky when it comes to the weather. Unlike us West coasters, Massachusetts actually gets winter, like a real one. The Boston area has suffered through four blizzards in three weeks, leaving the region buried in 7 1/2 feet of snow.

Four lane roads have been cut down to two and two lane roads down to one. The city has downsized so much as a result of all of the snow, sidewalks are even hard to walk through– yes, through. Carved out like narrow tunnels, the cobblestone sidewalks are nearly impossible, or should I say impassible to travel on.

Boston snow

Photo courtesy: (Michael Dwyer / Associated Press)

It seems as if madness has ensued as the transportation system shut down last week, leaving transit users to literally fight for a spot on shuttle buses.  Tire slashing has even occurred due to limited parking in the city.

So far 19,000 truckloads of snow have been removed from the Boston area since January. Inmates and the National Guard have been brought to the city to help with snow removal when the melting machines failed to keep up.

Boston buried in snow

This was a parking lot. Now it’s a “snow farm”. Photo courtesy Michael Dwyer / Associated Press

Residents fear more snow and not enough room for it in the city.

Before you complain about the horribly sunny day outside your window, remember you could be a Bostonian drowning in almost eight feet of snow with no end in sight.

Read more in the original story by Noah Bierman.


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