Taxi alternatives prove just as safe

An article reporting on the safety of alternative taxi methods, such as Uber and Lyft, shows that customers utilizing these services are just as safe as they would be in taxi cabs.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have been under critical scrutiny due to their safety and regulation issues. Additionally, businesses like these have deterred taxi cab users into using these alternative methods.

Courtesy of Albert Mendez, Creative Commons.

Courtesy of Albert Mendez, Creative Commons.

While some lawmakers are fighting to incorporate these companies under the taxi regulation umbrella, others are claiming they are too different from taxi’s and need an extra set of regulations.

As an avid public transit user, I find myself feeling safe and secure when I use services such as Uber and Lyft. While in Miami this summer, I had no car and relied on public transportation to get around. Sometimes I’d get out of work later than usual and miss my train or bus. Fortunately, services like Uber and Lyft helped me get around because I could just request a ride from either company all through my mobile phone.

The services were great, it was cheap and it didn’t feel creepy. Mind you, my first time riding in one of these cars was extremely terrifying but luckily I did not have a bad experience.

However, other users such as a 26-year-old woman who was allegedly assaulted and raped in an Uber car in New Delhi, India did not share my experience.

I understand riding any type of public transportation is risky, but these kinds of risks, stigmas and fears should not hinder us from getting where we need to be. I mean, it’s already super cheap to ride public transportation; whether it be train, bus, bike or Uber. You’ll not only save money, but also reduce smog and pollution.


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