Suspect arrested in road-rage shooting

Learning to drive for me was something that I took caution to. My father taught me quickly to always be on the lookout and watch my back – no matter where I was. To always be cautious when I was faced with crazy drivers and to always slow down and be comfortable with where I was driving and how others were driving.

For Tammy Meyers’ daughter though, she might have learned the extremely hard way – by having her mother shot in the head in her driveway after a confrontation with another driver.

Reading this story and hearing it brought me back to look over those times with my parents as they taught me to drive.

A cold blooded murder over a honk of a horn left four children without a mother. These stories are so hard to understand to me because I cannot comprehend how families that go through this would feel or for individuals who could even contemplate murdering someone in that fashion or reasons – for any reason truly.

The suspect of the shooting was arrested, but it has yet to be confirmed if he was the shooter.


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