Palmdale Transit Village Initiative Recognized by Bright Idea Program

Photo Courtesy of The Antelope Valley Times

Harvard University’s Ash Center selected 24 ideas for their Bright Idea Program. Photo Courtesy of The Antelope Valley Times

This year the Palmdale Transit Village Initiative has been recognized as part of the 2015 Bright Idea Program. The Bright Idea program is a recognition from ehe Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University and includes all levels of government — school districts, county, city, state, federal agencies and even public-private partnerships.

The idea for the transit was made in 2013 as a way to help a city neighborhood out of rock bottom. The city noticed higher “crime rates, safety concerns, low socio economic demographics and consistent resident investment” from this neighborhood. This area as been viewed as a problem area for quite some time now and the area that will now be known as The Palmdale Transit Area has been looked at from multiple angles to develop a way to help the area.

As a result, more information was found about the area such as absent property owners, aging infrastructure, and cultural separations within the neighborhood. The neighborhood was placed under Focus Neighborhoods, in March 2000 to help aid in these areas but things continued to fall apart.

In 2013, the city of Palmdale began sifting through their efforts toward this neighborhood. In the end, they partnered with the Los Angeles County Police Department to better their efforts. They discovered the many absences within the neighborhood, which included the trust of law enforcements.

The city and police department decided to send100 sheriffs out on a survey to gather information and solutions from the people themselves. They ended with 541 surveys, personal opinion of those in the neighborhood and a planned made specifically for that neighborhood. This plan includes “increased visibility of resources, remodeled its mission to customer service driven enforcement, developed target law enforcement tactics, facilitate neighborhood events,” and many others.

Now being recognized by the Bright Idea program, the plan for the Palmdale Transit Village will be at the forefront of government improvements.

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