One of five LA Metro passengers confront unwanted sexual attention

May the odds be ever in your favor. If anybody rides some form of public transportation provided by the LA Metro, they have a one in five chance of receiving unwanted sexual advances, harassment, and behavior, according to a survey conducted by the LA Metro.


Courtesy: LA Times Blog

22,000 people were asked the question of whether or not they had ever experienced “”unwanted sexual behavior including, but not limited to, touching, exposure, or inappropriate comments” over the past six months.

22% of them, equaling about 4,850 people answered that they had in fact been unfortunate enough to experience this.

Apparently asking people to keep their swimsuit areas to themselves, or the very least to leave other people’s alone is much too high a thing to ask for these days, and the LA County Sheriff’s Department is looking for ways to be more efficient in protecting riders from incidents of this nature.

So, since people cannot control themselves and handle themselves in a civil manner, the LA Metro is partnering with a sexual and domestic violence prevention activist group known as Peace Over Violence.

They are going to launch a campaign in April this year where they will most likely teach people that exposing oneself to others is inappropriate, and that people surprisingly do not like it when they are touched in their swimsuit areas without consent.

Preventative methods for this problem rely heavily on the ethical civic duty of riders themselves because having a designated bus/metro marshal on every vehicle is unrealistic.

If civilians come forward with reports and descriptions of perpetrators, police feel that they are confident in their ability to arrest them. This confidence is based on the idea that perpetrators are riding a bus they regularly take, and so if these descriptions and witness accounts are brought forward, they can make the arrest.

Come on Los Angeles, let’s catch some creepers and make the odds in your favor!


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