Moving ‘beyond traffic’

Americans spend an average of 40 hours a year stuck in traffic. Being an LA native, this seems hardly possible and more importantly, a complete waste of our time.

The United States has proved throughout its history to be a forerunner when it comes to transportation developments. However, this seems to no longer be the case.

In early Feb., Slate reported that the U.S. Department of Transportation released a 316-page report titled “Beyond Traffic,” outlining the need for America to properly transition into the 21st century and address transport system problems. Living in a consumer-oriented society where instant access and technology essentially run the country, road rage will only continue to grow in our culture thanks to online shopping. 


Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons / Chris Brown. According the Department of Transportation, Los Angeles and Long Beach were among the top ten U.S. ports in 2014, together posting $3.94 billion from the 113.5 million tons of freight.

The report suggests that not only will population will increase nearly 40 percent by 2040, but also the freight volume in America is projected to raise 45 percent, totaling an extra 29 billion tons of imported and exported cargo.

Unfortunately, drones are not going to fix this problem – at least yet.

The report explains companies such as Amazon, Google and DHL are looking into developing drone delivery technology to help address this issue and clear America’s roads. However, the Department of Transportation halts the actions of these urban delivery advancements and report: “Delivery by unmanned aircraft in dense urban environments presents significantly greater security, safety, and privacy risks, and will likely take longer to develop.”

As of now commercial drones seem to only be acceptable for pipeline inspections and within the film industry.

With online shopping and home deliveries contributing to the traffic that consumes America, maybe it’s time we as a society redefine what it means to “go green,” reduce traffic and the road rage of fellow citizens, by driving more and spending less time using our Pay Pal accounts.


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