Frat sues over possible female additions

Wesleyan fraternity sues school over demand it become co-ed

Wesleyan University has a new policy. Starting in fall 2015,

students at the school in Connecticut will have the option to live at residential fraternities,  regardless of gender.

Needless to say the brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon are not too thrilled by the prospect of forced co-ed cohabitation. They sued the school and are currently seeking a temporary injunction to stop the new policy.

According to USA Today, the school announced the policy in September after a serious of highly publicized sexual assaults. They have the goal of full co-ed cohabitation at all the residential fraternities within three years.

Since every Wesleyan undergraduate is required to live on campus, that goal does not seem too far out of reach.

A spokesman from the fraternity chapter currently sueing said to USA Today that the decision was “political correctness gone wrong.”

If the measure passes, it could very well change frat life at Wesleyan forever.


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