Causing Deaths or Saving Lives: The Guardrail Investigation



Courtesy: Creative Commons







The freeway is no longer a safer place.

Guardrails are meant to prevent freeway drivers from being a part of a serious accident this investigation puts that definition to the test.

Trinity Industries’ a company who makes many of the guardrail systems across the county committed fraud last month when it made changes to its guardrail system.

The recent release of the industries last test has both critics and drivers riled up.

Failure to notify the state and federal officials resulted in serious car accidents, damaging the driver’s side of the vehicle and the loss of limbs.

The ET-Plus guardrail system was modified over a decade ago but drivers are still being affected today.

The Industry conducted a total of eight test and the guardrail system passed four.

Results from the last four test have not been released.

Many states across the country have put a hold on the installation of the ET-Plus guardrails.

Depending on the results of the last four tests, some tests will be snatching the current systems out.

“You can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a crash test by pictures,” said Trinity spokesperson Jeff Eller. “You’ve got to wait until all the data is analyzed, until it is looked at. Until you do that, you’re basically just making it up.”


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