Carnegie Mellon’s acceptance rate rises.. or does it.

According to the Washington Post, Carnegie Mellon sent out about 800 acceptance letters to applicants this past Monday. Due to an extremely unfortunate computer glitch, every one of these letters was a mistakenly sent out and none of the applicants had actually been accepted. According to the Washington Postthe follow-up email read:

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“Earlier this morning, we mistakenly sent you an offer of admission to Carnegie Mellon’s MS in CS program. This was an error on our part. While we certainly appreciate your interest in our program, we regret that we are unable to offer you admission this year.”

Carnegie mellon isn’t the first school to cause emotional turmoil. According to the LA Times, UC San Diego sent out 28,000 bogus acceptance letters were sent out in 2009, some to students who were out of the country looking for a fresh start in America.

In the technologically advanced day in age we live in some would say there is no excuse for this miscommunication. Others would argue that events such as these are inevitable due to our reliance on technology. Either way, this event cause grave disappointment to many hopeful students.


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