1 Car Chase, 2 Arrests, 2 Cities

Grey Scion after the Car Chase Photo Courtesy of Luis Meza

Grey Scion after Car Chase Photo Courtesy of Luis Meza

A car chase, taking police through two neighboring cities, occurred in the early evening of January 5th. The car chase began in a gray scion. The suspect, Tony Soundara, 30, going through a DUI traffic stop on Avenue I in the city of Lancaster. He was suspected to be under the influence of drugs.

When the suspect refused the traffic stop, police were alerted and began chasing the suspect down the street. It was reported he had a passenger, Talisha Mitchell, 26. The chase included an eye in the sky as well.

When the chase started to cross over to Palmdale at Sierra High Way and Avenue M, the police officers from Lancaster cancelled their chase and the officers in Palmdale picked up at Avenue O and 10th Street West, about a mile from where the previous officers cancelled their chase.

By this time, the CHP were instructed to do the PIT maneuver. The first attempt was not a success because “there was too much traffic on 10th,” according to CHP Officer Joshua Wupperfield.

The second attempt was more successful. Soundara pulled into a Walmart parking lot in the 40100 block of 10th street west. The CHP placed spike strips on the ground and the grey scion did run over them. ALthough, Soundara did not stop. He kept driving but the chase slowed down to about 10 to 30 miles per hour.

Finally Soundara surrendered, and he and his passenger were taken into custody. It is unclear if weapons were recovered from the car.



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