The difference of blogs

Huffington Post’s brief on the Humans of New York campaign featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show highlighted key points in this feel-good story.

The campaign itself sparked when HONY’s Brandon Stanton photographed Vidal Chastanet, a 13-year old student at Mont Hall Bridges Academy near the Brownsville projects in Brooklyn. When Stanton asked the boy who had influenced him the most he named Nadia Lopez, his school principal, recalling an instance in which she told each student individually that they mattered. This was featured in the HONY post, shared across social media platforms.

This post led to a series of subsequent posts which featured Lopez, the school, their scholars and teachers. It would also eventually lead to a fundraiser which has raised more than $1.2 million to date to be put toward annual trips to Harvard, summer programs and scholarships for the students at Mont Hall.

The article details major highlights of the story in a very concise way. It also details the media attention it has received, not only from Ellen, but from Good Morning America.

Its attention from Ellen, however, did lead to further donations for Mont Hall and surrounding schools from Target, which entailed $100,000 worth of electronics for classrooms and other grants.


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