Shadow Prisons

Fusion Network recently investigated the second-class prison system, whose inmates are composed of only illegal immigrants. Roughly two-thirds of immigrants who serve time in the federal prison system are locked up for “illegal reentry,” an offense that was once rarely prosecuted.

However, a private-prison system specifically designed for immigrants is not only discriminatory, but it is system in which those in power are benefiting from people who should be taken back to their countries.

According to Fusion,  private prisons charge roughly between $50 and $75 a day for each immigrant they hold. The companies make between 20 percent and 30 percent in profit on each bed, according to market research estimates by CRT Capital Group.

Courtesy of Fusion Network.

Courtesy of Fusion Network.

A four-year investigation by the American Civil Liberties Union that conducted more than 250 interviews with people incarcerated in Criminal Alien Requirement (CAR) prisons. The prisons are run with “pervasive patterns of neglect and abuse of the prisoners,”

With inhumane conditions and suffering, you’d think that our government would shut-down institutions such as these. However, the majority of undocumented immigrants migrant to this country are detained in these private-prisons.

Our prison system is not only failing current U.S. inmates, but it is also endangering the lives of immigrants who have the right to go home. Riots and hostile environments have killed hundreds of people inside this prisons. Government has the opportunity to alter these institutions and should care for the well-being of those residing in there.



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