Reward $50,000 in the mysterious murder with no leads

The mysterious murder of Antonia “Toni” Yager on Dec. 22, 2014 has taken a new turn. Antonia was married to Judge Thomas C. Yager.

At a press conference on Thursday, Los Angeles Police Department Detective, Kevin Pierce, announced that there would be a $50,000 reward for anyone who knew any information regarding the murder.

The questions raised around this on the “whodunit” can come rapidly whether it was someone who was affected by the Judge’s decisions many years ago or a close friend of Yager’s, the police have announced that there was no forced entry. This story quickly raises speculation as to who would murder a socialite in Southern California?

In 1965, Judge Thomas C. Yager’s first wife, Eileen Keliher Jeffers was reported missing three days after they were married. He reported her disappearance the morning after when he landed the boat in Newport Beach. She was 61-years-old and he was 47-years-old at the time. Her husband passed away in 2008.

Hearing about a real life story like this with a murderer still not found makes a curious statement as to whether or not information will come forward since there is now a reward in place.

Photo Credit: Holy Cross Mortuary

Photo Credit: Holy Cross Mortuary


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