Republican and Democratic Senators Bipartisan Brunch

According to The Washington Post, Republican and Democratic Senators set aside their differences for lunch on Wednesday feb. 4th that was,”Heavy on Seafood, light on substance”.

In an attempt to get to know the “freshman class” of Senators the new congress sat down and made small talk over some lobster.  So what is it like when dozens of leaders with opposing ideas about how the country should be run all sit down together for lunch? Apparently pretty dull.


Kennedy Caucus Room: Photo courtesy of

Senators were encouraged to take a seat next to an opposing party member.

“The senators dined on a bipartisan menu (naturally) that featured Maine lobster provided by Sen. Susan Collins (R), Virginia ham from Sen. Mark Warner (D) and a kosher alternative” said writer Sean Sullivan in his Article.

Unlike lobster and ham, public affairs and policy matters were not on the agenda at the luncheon. Long-time congress members told light hearted stories while others chatted over the delicious meal.

Although this brunch seems original, the idea sprung from a previous trip senate members took last year to a small island in the pacific ocean.


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