Money is still top stress for Americans

The American Psychological Association’s annual survey of stress in America was released this week showing that one in four Americans feel stressed about money most or all of the time.

While many Americans are less-stressed than during the recession, we are still more stressed about money than is healthy.

Thirty-six percent of those in America’s lower income households reported feeling stress all or most of the time. While only 18 percent of people making $50,000 or more reported chronic financial stress.

It shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that people with more money are less worried about their finances than those with lesser incomes.

Stress and money

The results of this survey portrays the uneven recovery of the country since the recession. Lower-income families acknowledge more financial stress than higher income families. According to the report there was no “stress inequality gap” in 2007 as we see now.

Interestingly enough, those with lower incomes were two times as likely to tell surveyors that financial woes were the main obstacle to them living a more healthful life.

Respondents with high stress and low income were more likely to report to skipping doctor’s appointments due to financial concern.

Sources of stress reported in America are money, work, family responsibilities, and health concerns.

To read the full story of statistics: Americans are still stressed out, mainly over money, annual report finds


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