Harsh Thinking or Common Sense?

One of the hottest topics across the nation right now is the idea of vaccinating children. This week, several news outlets, including the Associated Press, have reported that several California legislators are looking to take stern action in the vaccination argument. The lawmakers are attempting to make it a mandatory requirement that children are vaccinated before entering public or private school. The only exception would be a student that can not be vaccinated due to a medical condition.

Parents would no longer be able to site “personal reasons” as a way to not vaccinate their children before entering them into school. California would be the third state, behind Mississippi and West Virginia, to enforce such strict regulations.

Strict as it may sound, this thinking is not too outlandish. In recent days, autism organizations have joined the public fight to get all children vaccinated. While there is still no concrete proven link, some parents still fear autism as a possible outcome of vaccination. One thing remains true: Parents should be able to take comfort in knowing that their children are attending healthy, safe schools.

While people from all backgrounds and opinions are joining the discussion on vaccination, the conversation seems to be getting a bit more clear. At some point, common sense should rise above the foolishness.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.13.12 PM


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