Alabama refuses compliance with federal court same-sex ruling

Alabama is being a little feisty this week. When a federal court ruled Tuesday that Alabama had to acknowledge same-sex marriages, the chief justice of Alabama said “no, thanks.”

Of course, he didn’t say it that casually. But he did tell state judges to disregard what they had been told. Since the state is only under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court, they don’t have to listen to any federal courts. They only answer to the Supreme Court, so until a ruling happens, Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage will remain.

Chief Justice Roy Moore quickly sent out a memo and a letter that gave his judges reasons to not listen to the ruling and remind them of their ultimate authority, the Supreme Court.

Even though his views align with having a same-sex marriage ban (he has advocated for the Biblical view of marriage in the past), he made it clear in his letter that he is just doing his job.

“…my actions are entirely consistent with my responsibility as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court,” he said in the letter.

At least they seem to have a good grasp of who they actually answer to.

Alabama Chief Justice Defies Federal Court, Tells Judges Not To Allow Gay Marriage


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