Is there an excess of arrest articles in the media?

According to an article done by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune this afternoon, a suspect who stole a vehicle was chased down and arrested. The short article on the happenings of the crime appear to be accurate, but do journalists write about arrests too often?

In our last class meeting, Dr. Van Dam shared that most homicides do not even result in arrests. Do we as journalists then, intentionally or subconsciously publish articles on police arrests to compensate for the lack thereof in violent crimes?

It would be interesting to see what kind of statistics would apply to other types of crime? How much crime actually goes unattributed and as a result without justice? How many criminals get away with breaking the law?

Are there stories that journalists are neglecting when really they need to be paying more attention to? I think the answer is most likely yes, only because nobody is perfect and I believe APU’s student publications serve as a prime example of neglecting important stories because they’re too controversial, or might make the university look bad.

If there is an excess of only a specific type of stories being published in the media, then that in my opinion is irresponsible journalism. Yes, it may be a daunting task, and there will always be something to fix within this profession–but just because that is true does not mean that we should simply neglect our tenants of journalism as well as our responsibility to the public.

I believe that this reporter, Greg Cappis, did a good job on the reporting of this story, but I believe the editors as well as the reporters need to work together to look for and talk about stories we may be overlooking.


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