UC Davis Medical Center receives possible Ebola patient

Screenshot 2015-01-30 at 12.43.17 AM

Huffington Post announced Thursday afternoon that UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California received a possible Ebola patient. A spokeswoman from the Medical Center states that the patient is showing signs of the disease, however does not know if they have traveled recently to West Africa. UC Davis Medical Center was among the first to be cleared by the federal government as suitable to treat and run test on patients with infectious diseases, including Ebola. Although there has been a decline in the Ebola outbreak, public health authorities warn that it is not over. The disease infected an estimated 22,092 people and killed 8,810 since the outbreak in December of 2013. Dr. Stuart Cohen, chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and director of Hospital Infection Control at the UC Davis Health System stated that the hospital is more than capable and accessible to any urgent patient carrying a rare or exotic infection like Ebola.

This article caught my attention not only because of its relevance in time and location, but due to the fact that Ebola cases are still in the news today. Like the article stated the disease outbreak or commotion is dying down, but we still need to be reminded it is not over. The Ebola virus has killed so many that taking precautions, such as UC Davis Medical Center has in its preparations, is not a bad idea at all. I do feel as though the article should talk a little bit more about the victim or the staff at the hospital which will add a little more insight and voice to the piece. Nonetheless, the article does end with the statement that it is an ongoing story and much more information needs to develop.


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