New York attorneys knowingly participate in video advocating for killing police

I read in the Los Angeles Times this week about how the New York City Department of Investigation released a report Thursday revealing that a city-funded law firm knowingly participated in a rap video that advocates for the killing of police.

The law firm, the Bronx Defenders, had at least two attorneys seen in the video, and part of it was filmed at their offices. They are listed as a sponsor in the credits. The firm gets $20 million a year in funding.

The video was made by rappers Uncle Murda & Maino, who explain that police officers need to be killed in the lyrics of the song.

The attorneys, Kumar Rao and Ryan Napoli, were the ones who pushed the firm to be involved in the video. However, representatives from the Bronx Defenders say that they never saw the final cut of the video and did not give their approval to it.

“The Bronx Defenders abhors the use of violence against the police under any circumstance. We have always been an organization that is committed to preserving life, dignity and respect for all people,” said the organization’s statement from their website.

This article was well-written. It got right to the point and gave us some important information up front: what happened, where the report is, and who the rappers and attorneys were. This article got a lot of good sources. First, they cited the actual report, which is the main reason this story is happening. Next, they referenced the direct response from the law firm. They reached out to the two attorneys, but got no response. Finally, they got the head of a NYC police union advocating for the removal of funding.

Though the main issue is the fact that this law firm was involved with the video, I thought the author might have also been concerned with the fact that someone is making rap videos about killing police. This article chose to focus more on the law firm than the rappers themselves.

You can read the article here.


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