Crime in Compton: Former Rap Mogul Arrested

Crime in Compton, Calif. was making headlines this morning, but this time it involves a former rap mogul.

‘Suge’ Knight allegedly ran over his friend, Terry Carter on Thursday night when a fight broke out off of Central Ave. and East Rosecrans Ave.

According to the article, Knight’s attorney, James Blatt stated that Knight was the victim, not the aggressor.

There are two different stories from witnesses that are currently circulating about this that could make it difficult for the police to have real story.

One story states that during the fight Knight followed the men and ran them over, but another story stated that the men were beating him so he was trying to escape.

Blatt told the Los Angeles Times that he was not aware he ran anyone over and that there was no damage to Mr. Knight’s car.

Early on Friday morning Knight was arrested on suspicion of murder by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The bail is currently set at $2 million dollars for Knight. Blatt is working on gathering funds to bail Knight.

He is also asking the police to look at local stores for security cameras that could show what actually happened that night hoping to free his client.


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