California takes Legal Action Towards Getting Children Vaccinated

The Government of California took initiative by passing an immunization law. The law states that parents claiming that they cannot vaccinate their kids due to the immunization going against their personal beliefs, must have a signed document by their doctors. The document states that the guardians have been educated about the risks of opting out of the immunization.

This article by the Associated Press found on, touches on how public officials have been worried about re-emergences of diseases that can easily be prevented by receiving vaccines.

Following this law, fewer parents have opted out of vaccinations for their children. This is the first drop-off in numbers of parents seeking the exemption the state of California has seen in years.

This law has gained more attention due to the recent “outbreak” of the measles, most cases were people who had not been vaccinated. The article also states that California held the highest number of people with the infection.

California is still extremely flexibly when it comes to children skipping vaccinations, being one of the 20 states in the US that let parents opt out of shots due to personal beliefs.

This is an excellent article, it clearly explains the law and the positive effects it has had on the state of California. It relates an issue that California is currently facing (the Measles outbreak) to an explanation of why an immunization law was put into place. The percentage drops in parents opting out of vaccinations are displayed. There are hyperlinks with helpful supporting articles such as: Common Measles Questions Answered

The only criticism I have towards the article is that it slightly sensationalized measles. Words like outbreak and stating that California has the highest amount of cases multiple times provokes public interest a bit more than it should.

California Law makes it Harder to Skip Vaccinations

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