Blog on New Law and Government Academy at Inglewood High School

Inglewood High School Photo Credit: ATOMIC Hot Links/Flickr Creative Commons

Inglewood High School
Photo Credit: ATOMIC Hot Links/Flickr Creative Commons

I recently came across an  article in a local newspaper called the Los Angeles Sentinel located in Los Angeles, California.The newspaper mainly focuses on news related topics that effect the African American community and concerns readers may have.

This week the Sentinel wrote an article called ‘IUSD’s Inglewood High Wins Grant to Launch Law and Government Academy’.

The IUSD was the recent recipient of the Specialized Secondary Program Planning Grant.

The grant was given to IUSD by the California Department of Education. The grant will help prepare students for their future by helping implement a government program that will hopefully attract many young and intelligent minorities.

According to the article, the program will begin in August 2015.

A group of legal professionals from the Inglewood Courthouse have signed up to help put together the students curriculum.

Some of the student activities will include learning about the government, legal writing in various areas of law and learning how to conduct research.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in mock trials, debates among their peers and the opportunity to intern and shadow people practicing law.

The Los Angeles Sentinel writes many articles that highlight the positive things that are happening around the Los Angeles area.

Neighborhood stories similar to this help people defy racial and societal stereotypes.

This article caught my attention because the news is recent, affects my neighborhood and relates to some of the recent class discussions we had on neighborhoods.

One thing the article does well is listing the curriculum and class activities that the students will have the opportunity to participate in.

On the other hand, the article lacks in the explanation of the acronym ISUD, information on the grant and quotes from faculty, legal practitioners, students and people from the community.

If the writer would have gathered more information and quotes it would have helped give the story a voice. People want to hear from other people in their community.


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