water worksLocal newspapers give a more narrow perspective on news and occasionally journalism. The proximity makes the news more affective to the people in the area, although, some local papers are more known than other.

The Antelope Valley Press is a less known paper but covers a great area. Located between Tehachapi and the San Gabriel Mountains, the Antelope Valley mainly consists of the cities Palmdale and Lancaster, according to Wikipedia.

The Antelope Valley Press covers news in these cites along with Quartz Hill and Littlerock, according to its website. Among its staff, Alisha Semchuck has done investigative work, according to Allison Gatlin, a colleague of Semchuck.

According to LinkedIn, Semchuck has been a reporter since 1982. She worked at Simi Valley Enterprise for three years, then moved on to Ventura County Star for two years. In 2009, she began doing journalist work in the Antelope Valley area. She has obtained many skills such as blogging, public relations, copy writing and media relations. She received her education through California State University – Northridge and received her Associate’s in Communications through College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois.

Semchuck covers a variety of stories for the Antelope Valley Press. Her stories include mental health care, local events and concerns such as crime, veterans in the area and local Antelope Valley stories. Following her more moderate stories, her extensive work centers on local matters as well.

“Alisha has done extensive work on our local water agencies…” said Gatlin, Staff/Aerospace Writer at the Antelope Valley Press. “She is always very thorough.”

Semchuck’s water agency stories cover places such as Antelope Valley East Kern Agency and Palmdale’s Water District. Her stories included the financial problems that the Palmdale Water District has faced. Many leaks were occurring during this troubled time for the Antelope Valley Water District and the Antelope Valley Press seemed to be getting all the information in a fast paced manner.

According to a story by NBC Los Angeles, the Palmdale Water District seemed to have “outed” the Palmdale District by meeting with a newspaper reporter. This reporter was Alisha Semchuck. As a result, employees working for the Palmdale Water District were not allowed to speak with her out of fear of more information being released to the press before it was handled. This order was given by Randy Hill, the general manager of the district.

Semchuck’s investigation of the local water district did not stop there. Her research and reporting has shed light to the people living in this area. Her investigation may not be widely known but the Antelope Valley area now has a better sense of one aspect of their community.


Alisha Semchuck: Water in the Desert

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